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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

For nearly a year I haven’t written anything in this blog. The main reason is that it became too much of a technical pain in the neck to maintain.

As you may be able to tell, this weblog (and all the previous entries) here on my home site is all hard-coded HTML. That means, to make a new entry, for the past three years I’ve had to manually code it and then upload it to the server. What a complete drag! As time has passed it’s become more and more of a disincentive to creating new entries, and finally, about a year ago, I stopped writing altogether.

But I miss it. A blog is kind of like writing email to the world. I like telling the world what’s going on. And apparently, I was actually reaching more people than I thought. I’ve had many conversations with folks over the years who’ve told me they enjoyed staying in touch with my nutty life via this blog. So if that’s you, thank you! And now I have some good news...

I’ve started a new blog at
You can go read it simply by clicking here.

The name of this new blog is “Preflash Gordon.” It comes out of my life as a roller derby photographer. In roller derby, everyone takes a ‘pirate name.’ Mine is Preflash Gordon.

That doesn’t mean the new blog will be all about roller derby, or even about photography. There, as here, I plan to ramble about life as much as I want. For me, the chief benefit of the move is that now, AT LAST, I don’t have to wrestle with HTML code just to get my entries online. Blogspot makes it easy for me. Hopefully, that means I’ll write more freely.

So anyway, click that link and hop on over to Blogspot to catch up on my doings. Look forward to seeing you there! :-)