This & That

In no particular order...


Family Photo Album. What website would be complete without one?



The Shipyard. In my spare time I like to build model ships. Here’s a place where I’ll put photos and stories.


A list of people who have the Same Birthday as me.


And while we’re at it ... a look at some other Paul Robertsons around the Web.


OE search

Search Me. Weird search engine terms that have brought people to this web site.



Writing. Sometimes I’ve been known to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Here’s the result.


OE Seuss

Read Me. Things I’ve read here and there that seemed well worth saving.


Dedicated with love to Linda Elizabeth Pakri, who died on Sunday, August 10, 2003.



Memories and photos of the Sauble Beach Pavilion, a family business (and Ontario landmark) for over thirty years.


The incredible, Unsinkable Cahaba.



Troubled about the ongoing gay marriage debate? Feel like too many Biblical Laws are being broken? Have a gander at this page, where I’ve included a few articles and thoughts on the subject.