The Southampton branch of the Robertson family outside the front door of the Sauble Beach Pavilion, 1956. With the exception of Wally, everyone’s grouped roughly by family. On the far left is Wally Scott. Wally was married to my aunt Esther, who is standing over next to grandma ‘Robbie’ Robertson at the right end of the photo. Their daughter Margaret Scott is wearing striped shorts in the front row. Back on the left, next to Wally is my mom and dad, Jack Robertson and Marg Robertson, with their little daughter Ann Robertson in front of mom. Next to these are Clark and Thelma Robertson, and their children Linda Robertson (soda pop bottle at hand) and Russell Robertson. In this photo everyone is facing South, and from the position of the sun I’d say this was probably taken around Labour Day. That’s usually when the family would wind up the summer with a big barbecue - and lots of pictures - before everyone went back to their winter lives.