Paul Robertsonae

Once in a while I’ll go to Google and search my name, mainly to see if my work as an actor is turning up in media anywhere. Whenever I do this I’m always fascinated by all the other Paul Robertsons that show up. You know, I’m well into my forties now, and yet in all my life I’ve never met another Paul Robertson ... so I’ve tended to think that the name, if not exactly exotic, wasn’t very common either. But Google shows me I’m wrong. The Internet is positively crawling with us.

Here are a few of my favorites.



PR cartoon


Paul and Jenny Robertson are a happy couple living in Cambridge, England. By coincidence, I come from Cambridge, Ontario. What does this mean? Also, Paul signs his name the same way I do. Woo-ooo... Wait a minute! Where am I? Who am I?


PR Aussie Actor


Here’s Paul Robertson the Aussie Actor. I wish I could link directly to Paul’s page at the Chambers Theatre Co. website but alas, I can’t; so instead go there and then find Paul under “Artists and Administration.” Paul’s on the move these days, by the way: he’s also (I think) turned up recently at IMDB in a new film called “Bad Eggs.” Hooray! Go Paul go! One of us will put this name on the show business map yet!



Back here in America, R. Paul Robertson, president and CEO of Pacific Northwest Research Institute, is active in Diabetes research and treatment. There are lots of links to this Paul; he seems to travel, write, and lecture a lot.




Faced with those long commutes, Paul Robertson of the UK has a unique solution. Actually, this appears to be pictures taken from a no-snow dogsledding competition of some kind. Can’t tell exactly where - but what the hey, with the price of gas these days these little rigs soon may be common everywhere.



Professor Paul Robertson, unlike me, is able to play the violin (I can’t even hold one correctly). He’s also the leader of the Medici String Quartet and seems quite well-known throughout the UK and Europe. There’s a ton of links to this guy out there.

Hmmm. Since we both have curly hair, maybe next time I’m in England I can borrow his ID to get cheap concert tickets...?




Sad to say, contracts disputes were the reason for Paul Robertson’s departure from the Altrincham Football Club in 2000. But his picture lives forever on the club’s site, and that’s good enough to warm my heart.



Wa-a-ay too many pictures of baby Paul Roberson, new son of obviously-pleased Lucas and April Robertson. I suppose the relatives are charmed by page after page of this stuff ... but folks, he’s an infant. He lies on his back and drinks milk. You might want to save some film until there’s actually something to photograph.



A guy in my former neck of the woods!! Paul Robertson of Torrance, California, works at Bankers Realty selling real estate. What a smile! I’d trust him.



Lest you think all we Paul Robertsons are souls of commerce, here’s a bio for the Honorable Paul Robertson, Minister of Development, Jamaica.



Great page here featuring John Robertson and his son Paul, who are champion water skiers living in Australia.




I said these were my favorite Paul Robertsons but they’re by no means all. At this point, however, I give up. If you’re interested in seeing more (and I sincerely doubt you are), feel free to go visit Google and search for yourself!