Here’s a panoramic view of the hotel that I took from across the lake. I don’t know if you can see much detail, but you sure get a feel for the atmosphere. I promise, it was every bit this beautiful in person.



Here’s one of the beautiful gazebos that are dotted everywhere on the hotel grounds. We didn’t sit in any of them because it was winter, but I can only imagine that in summer it must be serene and lovely to perch and watch the stars.


2003-12 Mohonk Gazebo


Another panorama, this one of Mom and Mary on the hotel porch, with the hotel itself and the lake visible to the right. Everything at Mohonk is made of wood or stone or old-fashioned wrought-iron; there isn’t a modern building material in sight, which I think goes a long way to making it a very lovely and peaceful place.



Last, here’s my beautiful niece Hadley making herself thoroughly comfortable in one of the little nooks they’ve scattered throughout the hotel. She’s smiling like an imp because I’m about to take her ice skating - where I proceeded to fall flat on my face!


2003-12 Mohonk Hallway Had 02