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Recently I’ve been reading articles which tell me that search engines like Google use text on a website’s home page to classify it. That makes sense to me, except I wanted a clean home page with no text. So I’ve written this in small, black letters, and hopefully it will be invisible to you but still make Google happy. For this website the most obvious keywords would be: Paul Robertson. Paul T. Robertson. Paul Taylor Robertson. Paul Robertson, actor, of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Galt, Ontario, Canada. Paul Robertson, photographer, of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Saint Paul Paul. St Paul Paul. St. Paul Paul. Photo, photos, photographer, photographic, camera, Nikon. Actor, actress, writer, playwright, play, plays, playwrighting, script, screenwriter, theatre, theater, stage, stagecraft, performer, performing, performance, performances, cabaret, poem, poetry, poet, short story, music, composer, songwriter, singer, mp3. Jack Robertson. Margaret Robertson. Mary Robertson. Ann Robertson. Jeff Feingold. Jeffrey Feingold. Hadley Feingold. Linda Pakri. Arts Club Theatre. Circus Theatricals. Odyssey Theatre Ensemble. Oh, and Paul Robertson again (apparently number of instances counts). Paul Robertson. Yet more Paul Robertson. Oh, drat that nefarious Paul Robertson! :-)